Tuesday, December 13, 2011


This is a classic for me. Whenever I eat Thai, I always order this beyond delicious salad. Now it is home made for you!

Ingredients: (serves 2)

2*80 grams of glass noodles, soaked in first cold and then in warm water – follow the instructions on the package! (btw, this amount I use when I will have only soup and salad for the supper. But in case you plan a main dish as well, I think 80 grams shall be fine)
10 – 15 prawns, peeled and cleaned
8 leaves of lettuce, chopped
2 – 3 spring onions, chopped
4 – 5 cherry tomatoes, each sliced into 3 – 4
4 spoons of chilli sauce (I used medium hot chilli sauce of Sriracha)
Chilli peppers (depends on how much you like them), chopped very fine
1 desert spoon of sugar
2 spoons of fish sauce
Lime juice from 2 limes


  1. For the dressing, mix the fish sauce, the chili sauce, the lime juice, the chilli pepper, sugar.
  2. When the glass noodles are ready, toss them in the half of the dressing.
  3. Mix the rest of the ingredients all together (except for the prawns of course) and toss them in the remaining half of the dressing.
  4. Prepare your salad plate: make a bed of the all the ingredients and place the glass noodles on top of it.
  5. Cook the prawns, and top the salad plate with the prawns.
  6. Garnish with extra coriander and spring onions

thai glass noodle deliciousness

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