Friday, September 23, 2011


Dear friends,

It has been a long since I have posted here but it was quite a busy summer for me!
During the summer holidays of my husband, we’ve visited the lovely Cunda island, which is located in the northwestern Aegean Sea. The island is linked with a narrow road to Ayvalik, a summer town in Balikesir. 

It is quite a calm place, not like the popular summer resorts like Bodrum and Cesme. We stayed in a fancy little suite villa which we enjoyed very much! (here's the link if you are interested: Cundavilla Suit Hotel) If you go to Cunda to party, you might be disappointed. If you go there to enjoy the cold sea and the food, then you will definitely like Cunda! To be more specific, Cunda is a place for you if you like Aegean cuisine (this is the cuisine that you can find in Greece, in the Greek islands as well as in the western parts of Turkey) and cold sea. And raki and fish :)

We tried to dine (and have lunch too) at different restaurants all the time in order to have a proper idea of the culinary tradition in the island. If you like mezzes, Cunda island is a place to be! I think the restaurants have a standard in taste and in quality. Except for one particular restaurant, the prices are also quite okay. As for the portions are concerned, a couple of restaurants failed in my eyes but still it is not too bad. All in all, everything we ate in Cunda was extremely tasty! 

Here are a few pictures that I made during our holidays in Cunda! 

They look delicious, they are delicious!!!

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