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Actually, the first title I thought of for this recipe was “Courgettes in an eatable way!”. I don’t like courgettes at all and I have always wondered what the purpose of the existence of courgettes is :-)
But this recipe does justice to the purpose of the existence of courgettes, believe me! It is so rich in its ingredients; even courgettes cannot make it go wrong! :-)

It is an awesome vegetarian dish, I think (that is if you eat eggs)

Ingredients (Serves 8 big slices)
3 courgettes, rasped

courgettes, rasped

3 eggs
1 glass of flour
200 grams of feta cheese
4 – 5 green onions
Half a bundle of fresh dill, chopped
Half a bundle of parsley, chopped

main ingredients

Half a glass of olive oil (or a bit less)
Pepper and salt to your liking

  1. Bring the oven to 180 degrees in advance.
  2. Take a cake mold and use a bit of the olive oil for the bottom.
  3. Mix the legumes and then add all the rest of the ingredients and put them in the mold
  4. Cook in the oven for 45 minutes. 

Step 3

courgette pie

courgette pie

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