Saturday, April 30, 2011


My husband and I have this weekly habit of going to the open air market which is every saturday. This year, we did not have the feeling of proper spring. It is still fresh outside, the number of the bright days are few so far. People are complaining and they are getting depressed!!! I have to think the grey if not dark and rainy days in Belgium and the times that I was happy for a couple days of sunshine! Then I stop complaining. :-)

We are just back from the market; the stalls start to show the generousity of the mother nature: strawberries, black berries, greengages, loquats are colouring our kitchens; rocket, purslane, coariander, purple and green basil, mint...they are getting tastier and tastier! The plants I should not forget too! The vegetables, the grains...! Rapacious I get when I think of what to get and how much to get for the entire week! Thanks to these open air markets, I get vegetables, plants, etc seldom from the supermarkets. Not that they are not as good than in the open air markets, it is also the whole experience in the open air market that makes you go there!!

After the bazaar, we spoiled ourselves with a glass of fruit juice made from strawberries and black berries! Delicious!

Cheers guys,

strawberries and black berries mix

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